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Fueled by Coffee and Cassette Tapes


Calling all time travelers from the age of dial-up internet and pagers! This hilarious 15oz ceramic mug confesses your modern-day struggles with a touch of humor. It features the message "BE PATIENT WITH ME I'M FROM THE 1900'S" – a relatable sentiment for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the breakneck speed of the 21st century.

More Than Just a Mug, It's a Conversation Starter:

  • Funny Design: The lighthearted message will resonate with anyone who misses the simpler times (or just needs a good laugh).
  • Large and In Charge (of Coffee): The 15oz size ensures there's enough caffeine to fuel your journey through the digital age.
  • Classic Ceramic Mug: Durable and microwave-safe for convenient coffee, tea, or hot chocolate enjoyment.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Easy cleanup for those moments when you need a quick break from the constant notifications.

This mug is perfect for:

  • Anyone who remembers the days of waiting for AOL to connect.
  • People who still write in cursive (and take pride in it!).
  • Fans of vintage aesthetics and simpler times.
  • Anyone who needs a daily reminder to slow down and enjoy the ride (even if it's a lot faster than you remember).

Order your "BE PATIENT WITH ME I'M FROM THE 1900'S" mug today and embrace the humor in the digital age!

Stuck in the Slow Lane? This Mug Gets It. (We Miss Dial-Up Too!) Coffee Mug 15oz

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