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This tote bag isn't for sugarcoating. It's for the nurses who tell it like it is, who've seen it all, and who wear their badge of honor (and maybe a hint of grumpiness) with pride.

Featuring the hilarious phrase "I'm a Grumpy Old Nurse" alongside a cartoon grumpy cat sporting a nurse's hat, this tote bag is a celebration of no-nonsense nurses who get the job done.

Available in three sizes (13" x 13", 16" x 16", and 18" x 18"), you can find the perfect one for carrying scrubs, textbooks, groceries, or all the essentials you need for a long shift (and maybe a post-shift coffee to combat the grumpies).

Here's why this tote bag is purrfect for the grumpy (but awesome) nurse:

  • Durable 100% Polyester Construction: Can withstand the wear and tear of even the toughest hospital shifts.
  • Comfy Cotton Handles: Because comfort matters, even for grumpy nurses (especially after a long day).
  • Spacious Interior: Fits all your essentials, from work supplies to gym clothes.
  • Hilarious Design: Lets everyone know you're a nurse with a healthy dose of humor (and maybe a bit of a grumpy side).
  • Non-Woven Laminate Inside: For easy spot cleaning of minor spills.

This "I'm a Grumpy Old Nurse" tote bag is the ideal:

  • Gift for yourself: Treat yourself to a tote that perfectly captures your nursing spirit.
  • Gift for your fellow nurse friends: Let them know you appreciate their dedication and, well, their sense of humor.
  • Conversation starter: This tote is bound to spark laughter and knowing glances among nurses who understand the realities of the job.

So grab your "I'm a Grumpy Old Nurse" tote bag, fill it up with your essentials, and conquer your day (grumpiness and all)!

Don't Sugarcoat It - The "I'm a Grumpy Old Nurse" Tote


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